(via Zoom)

Are you looking to deepen your faith during this lock-down? Well look no more!

As many of you already know, the Holy Eucharist is the source and Summit of Christian Life.  Unfortunately many Catholics do not know exactly what they are celebrating. From the beginning to the end the Holy Mass is biblical. We should know why we begin the Mass with the Sign of the Cross and why we say “The Lord be with you and with your Spirit”. Dr. Edward Sri has something to offer all of us.

Fr Chaminda: I would be happy if you follow this formation program and share this knowledge with your children and friends. I am confident that you will be able to participate in the Holy Eucharist in a meaningful manner.

The program will be covered on the 15th, 22nd and 29th July from 7pm till 8.15pm. Please email Fr Chaminda directly for further information and to obtain the zoom details.

Our attendees…..


“A beautifully presented, easily understood and highly engaging program that I enjoyed and learnt from.  It provided a fascinating and short overview of why how the mass is infiltrated with sacred scripture and ancient Christian rituals.  If you are lacking passion for the mass or even just going out of obligation, then this is short, digestible course is for you. Thank you, Father Chaminda, for this life changing opportunity, completed via zoom, where almost everyone is locked down, except God.” Rita Azar

Hi Fr. Chaminda, Thank you so much For tonight’s session on the Mass. I found it immensely helpful & eye opening!! I will be looking at every part of the Mass in a more profound & loving way. I will also be able to see God the Father Sin & Holy Spirit in every part of Mass.!!! Thankyou immensely Vicki Micalizzi

I found it enlightening at times as to what Edward said. I  will be looking and participating in the Mass from a new perspective/vantage point, with a different set of eyes!!! And how God personally addresses/embraces me in His message and Word  in a very intimate way EVERY TIME I participate  in the mass. This is what I have taken away with me from tonight’s session.  Look forward to the next session. Josephine

– I loved it, I couldn’t write fast enough. How lovely to have a priest who will do this for us. Please make sure I get the link for next week. Thank you so much Tania. Tess

 It was very interesting and very good. Thanks for letting me know. Antonella