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St Vincent de Paul

VASA (Volunteers At St Ambrose)

VASA is a group of people from our Parish who offer their time and talents to assist our local senior residents, helping with transport for shopping and local medical appointments, as well as visiting some who are housebound. A phone call to someone living alone can be so welcome. VASA organises transport to special Masses when Sacrament of the Sick is Ministered.Every month we host a Morning Tea either in a volunteer’s home or a local venue and provide transport to bring our guests who are socially isolated to share time together. You are most welcome to join us.

VASA is now offering our patrons a fortnightly assisted shopping trip with the use of the City of Canada Bay Council Community Bus and Council driver. Anyone in our community who needs some assistance with their shopping is welcome. We have a vacancy for another shopper at the moment. Please ring for a chat if you’d like more information.

September 2022: VASA have received a grant under the Community Funding Program from City of Canada Bay Council for $500. This will allow VASA to provide Out of Home Excursions for our local seniors who are housebound due to age and physical health.

Please contact Kerry 9736 3686 or Trish 8765 1295 for further information.

Passionist Family Group Movement (The Seekers)

The St Ambrose Family Group was one of the original groups formed in the Parish when Fr David started the movement in April 2005. The aim of the group is to build community spirit with members knowing each other by name and supporting each other. Our group has maintained connection throughh the lock down via email.

Within our Parish, our Family Group is called ‘The Seekers’. We have continued to gather regularly since 2005 with many of our original members greeting each other at Mass and participating in many other Ministries in the Parish e.g. Lectors, Music Ministry, Acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers.

Look through the information provided below for more details and please do not hesitate to contact Kerry and Paul via email.

St Vincent de Paul – Concord West Conference

… serves the local community.

We provide material and practical aid to individuals and families who are struggling. Predominantly our service provides financial assistance by way of food vouchers, pharmaceutical expenses, and occasional specific items for children or families in need.

The clients we assist are often quite vulnerable, those who have fallen on hard times financially, through sickness, social isolation, family break down, job loss and grief. We provide them with a little hope for a brighter future through financial assistance, together with advice/referral and simply someone to listen.

Our work is mainly funded by the amazing generosity of St Ambrose Parish. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support that comes our way. Without it, we would not be in a position to offer hope and practical assistance to those who seek it.

The members of our conference give freely of their time, and work with great diligence to show love and care to those in need. We meet monthly to assess our progress, discuss ideas and plan. We are always seeking new members to join our conference.

Please contact us anytime on our new email address.
Anyone in need, for whatever reason, can seek assistance. Please contact us by email.