From Nothing to Cosmos

Has Science really proven that God does not exist? Through the course of 16 chapters in 4 video episodes, several kinds of evidence for the transcendent from science and philosophy will be explored.

We will explore:

* A metaphysical proof of God.

* Evidence of a trans physical soul from near death experiences.

* Atheism, the bible, science, and evolution and aliens.

Each Chapter will follow a five-step process to lead the participant from readiness through understanding to review and finally, reflection.

This course has commenced via ZOOM on alternate Monday evenings –

from 8.30pm – 9.00pm.

We commenced on 13 February 2023 and the other sessions dates are:

13/03, 27/03, 10/04, 24/04, 08/05, 22/05, 05/06, 19/06, 03/07, 17/07, 31/07, 14/08, 28/08, 11/09, 25/09, 09/10.

You can still join in! Non-believers, seekers and enquirers are welcome! Please

e-mail: [email protected] to register your interest and receive course-related information.