Your Contributions are Welcome

While we thank you for your participation of the Paschal Triduum, we also wish to notify the options of making contributions towards the mission of the church. Here are the three options to make your generous donation. Thank you.

1. TAP ‘n’ GO: We have a Tap ‘n’ Go terminal at the Doors of the Church for donations to the Parish 2nd Collection. The amount is set at $10. Funds donated here go toward the main source of income (2nd Collection) for our Parish and are used for the day to day running of our Parish, including altar and church requisites, pastoral programs, repairs & maintenance, wages, insurance and utilities.

2 . QR CODE for DONATIONS/GIVING: Our QR code will take you to our ‘SUPPORT US’ link on our website for donations via B-Point. Remember to nominate which account you would like your donation to be allocated to. (Click on the drop-down box)

3.CASH DONATIONS: There are donation boxes at the doors of the church.